About me 

I’m Hyeli Lee, a freelance illustrator and essayist based in Seoul, South Korea. I have worked with many clients. And I have strong aspire to widen the scope of my work activities and meet more overseas clients.


My work goals

1. Meet the purpose of the request

2. Be easy to work with but also precise and specific

3. make my work valuable itself

Selected clients

Design Samsung | Daekyo | Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) | Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) | Kyoeon Property | National Library of Korea | Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

Talk, Lectures and Workshop

2021 | <Changing career in the middle of 30's> book talk in Studio Oneul, Seoul

2022 | <Changing career in the middle of 30's> book talk in Social Therapy work room, Wonju


2021 | Woori Festival Toulouse, France | Group

2021 | Hallyu (Vague Coréenne) Toulouse, France | Group

2021 | Freelance life in pandemic  (Dongnegasalrong : SFAC Local to Seoul project) | Group


Changing career in the middle of 30's

Page | 154p

Release date | 2022.03.28

Publisher | Kkumi(꾸미)

ISBN | 9791196586317(1196586314)

The story of a woman designer-turned-llustrator who moved from Geoje Island to Seoul.

I thought I would be settled in 30s. But even at the midst of my 30s, I still didn't feel like I knew enough about myself. When I turned 35, I started to seriously think about my future. And I decided to become an illustrator and move to Seoul from Geoje Island. The book contains everything I felt during this transition. It also shows the process of 37 pieces of my work.