About me 

I’m Hyeli Lee, a freelance illustrator and essayist based in Seoul, South Korea. 

Selected clients

Starbucks Korea | Design Samsung | Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) | Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS) | Korea Foundation for theAdvancement of Science & Creativity(KOFAC) | National Library of Korea | Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

Talk, Lectures and Workshop

2021 | <Changing career in the middle of 30's> book talk in Studio Oneul, Seoul

2022 | <Changing career in the middle of 30's> book talk in Social Therapy work room, Wonju


2021 | Woori Festival Toulouse, France | Group

2021 | Hallyu (Vague Coréenne) Toulouse, France | Group

2021 | Freelance life in pandemic  (Dongnegasalrong : SFAC Local to Seoul project) | Group


Changing career in the middle of 30's

Page | 154p

Release date | 2022.03.28

Publisher | Kkumi(꾸미)

ISBN | 9791196586317(1196586314)

The story of a woman designer-turned-llustrator who moved from Geoje Island to Seoul.

I thought I would be settled in 30s. But even at the midst of my 30s, I still didn't feel like I knew enough about myself. When I turned 35, I started to seriously think about my future. And I decided to become an illustrator and move to Seoul from Geoje Island. The book contains everything I felt during this transition. It also shows the process of 37 pieces of my work.